Please read notice

At first please read the notes described in the table below.

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Whether or not you can enjoy our service depends on the girl's intention. So we can't introduce all girls. We have to ask girls

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As explained 『notice1.』,there is a possibility that we can't provide service on the day of your visiting. Anyway,please come once and ask us.

I understand

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An exception

If you can speak 『Japanese』well or take along japanese companion,in this case we make an exception.

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How contact us

There is few number of employees can speak foreign language. So we can't aswer your phone call.
Sorry to trouble you、but please send a E-mail.

Send a E-mail


You can spend great time with your own lovely secretary in president's office. Make real your sensual imagination at OFFICE LOVE.

If you have no problem in language(both of speak&listen)

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